• A Phoenix from the ashes!

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    Many will know that the 21st October 1805 was the day that the Royal Navy led by Admiral Lord Nelson, defeated Napoleon’s fleet off Cape Trafalgar. This day therefore is a most propitious day on which to re-launch the British Gazette.

    It was 1926 when the British Gazette last appeared. Then its editor was none other than Winston Spencer Churchill. The British Gazette, under its new editor, Peter H. Rogers will convey to the British People the extent to which the political class has deceived and betrayed them on many issues.

    Now we have told you what the British Gazette will be let us now tell you what it is not.

    The British Gazette is not and will not be attached to any political party. Whilst its editorial line is Eurorealist and will be labelled by such as the Greens as an apologist and supporter of the so called “climate change deniers” – these positions and positions on other topics must not be regarded as the British Gazette’s endorsement or support of positions of political parties that may appear to run along similar lines.

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