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    pushmipullyuDavidCameronOne of the images is the famous creature, the “Pushmipullyu” of Doctor Doolittle fame. The other is of the leader of the Conservative Party.

    Even upon the most cursory examination, Pushmi-pullyu’s – sorry, Mr. Cameron’s famous speech if full of platitudes, contradictions and errors. Here are some:

    “….If we win the next election, we will amend the European Communities Act 1972 to prohibit, by law, the transfer of power to the EU without a referendum….”

    Do the words: “horse” “stable door” and bolted” come to mind ?

    “….Because we have no written constitution, unlike many other EU countries, we have no explicit legal guarantee that the last word on our laws stays in Britain….”

    Errrr ? A generous person would say this is total ignorance. Those less generous would say that this is an out and out lie. Cameron take note: the three sets of core documents that make up the WRITTEN British Constitution are: 1. 1688/89 Declaration/Bill of Rights, 2. the Coronation Oath Act, 1953 and 3. the Privy Council oaths taken by all Privy Councillors being alive at the time. That includes you Cameron.

    “…..There is therefore a danger that, over time, our courts might come to regard ultimate authority as resting with the EU….”

    They are ahead of you dimwit! The DE FACTO ultimate authority in this formerly sovereign land has been the European Community/Union since New Year’s Day 1973 and will be the DE JURE ultimate authority from 1st December, 2009. The British courts have already ruled as such. My, my !! I thought Eton was supposed to be a good school! If anyone wins the lottery don’t waste your money sending your child there!

    “…..So as well as making sure that further power cannot be handed to the EU without a referendum, we will also introduce a new law, in the form of a United Kingdom Sovereignty Bill, to make it clear that ultimate authority stays in this country, in our Parliament….” AND: “….This is not about Westminster striking down individual items of EU legislation….” AND: “….It is about an assurance that the final word on our laws is here in Britain….”

    Never was an animal [Pushmipullyu] so fittingly named! Totally contradictory statements! Clearly the United Kingdom Sovereignty Bill will define where the power lies: in Brussels. It should be clear to anyone – even Pushmipullyu – possessing a single functioning brain cell that if Parliament CANNOT strike down EU legislation – which it cannot – then that clearly defines where sovereignty really lies. The “final word” on our laws lies in Brussels.

    “….It [the Lisbon Treaty] allows further powers to be transferred in the future, because it contains a mechanism to abolish vetoes and transfer power without the need for a new Treaty….”

    Correct !

    “….We do not believe that any of these so-called ratchet clauses should be used to hand over more powers from Britain to the EU….”

    Oh Dear ! That is their designed purpose dimwit! That statement is as daft as, “….We do not believe that any of these pencil sharpeners should be used to sharpen pencils….”

    “….Furthermore, we would change the law so that any use of a ratchet clause by a future government would require full approval by Parliament….”

    You mean just like Brown railroaded the Lisbon Treaty through Parliament ? No change there then.

    “….They would increase accountability, and they would ensure that the breach of trust committed by this Labour Government could never happen again….”

    No they won’t. Cameron’s exercise in semantics will be no more successful than a prostitute seeking to restore her virginity.

    • The NHS is one of the largest employers in the WORLD. Tiers of managers and bureaucrats headed by “executives” on ridiculous salary/pension packages.Sound familiar? “wasteful”, ineffificient”?

      Well, yes but It is much worse than this. That fascist organisation, the EU, is now supported by all three major political parties in what are now the three latest fascist sub units of their organisation…Welcome England, Scotland and Wales to the EU.

      Well, you DID vote for this didn’t you? .

      Will someone out there please offer a way forward?!!

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