• Criminals dividing up the loot.


    European_CommissionThe European Union will hold a special summit on the 19th November to select a President and Foreign Minister, but officials say agreement on the appointments has still not been reached. So our criminal politicians are dividing up their ill gotten gains ?

    Rather than conspire with other leaders our politicians should restore lawful government in this United Kingdom by withdrawing immediately from the E.U. and then adopt a long overdue constitutional reform in the United Kingdom to ensure that this cannot happen again.

    Two of the three major political parties, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have made an issue of reforming the British Constitution. The Conservatives have pronounced upon it but to a lesser degree.

    These three parties pontificate ignoring of course that they all:

    - refuse to admit that this country has a formal constitution, persisting in the nonsense that “….we have no written constitution….” This perhaps due to the fact that all three are as guilty as the others of continually breaching the existing constitution by handing the government of the Queen’s realm over to a foreign power! Rather like the criminal protesting his innocence we think! Be in no doubt dear reader – these people ARE criminals. When for instance was the crime of perjury removed from the statute of criminal offences ? It hasn’t. When one promises one’s Sovereign Lady to ensure that no foreign prince potentate or power shall have precedence in her lands, with Holy Bible in hand and standing right in front of her and immediately proceeds to do just that what do you call that ?

    It’s a fair cop Guv’ Yu’ve got me banged to rights!” is the correct answer.

    See our page on Constitutional Reform.

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