• Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

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    AztecThe World Council of Churches on Thursday called on churches across the world to ring their bells 350 times during the Copenhagen climate change summit on Sunday 13th December as a call to action on global warming. The leading council of Christian and Orthodox churches also invited places of worship for other faiths to join a symbolic “chain of chimes and prayers” stretching around the world from the international date line in the South Pacific.

    “On that Sunday, midway through the UN summit, the WCC invites churches around the world to use their bells, drums, gongs or whatever their tradition offers to call people to prayer and action in the face of climate change,” the council said in a statement.

    “By sounding their bells or other instruments 350 times, participating churches will symbolise the 350 parts per million that mark the safe upper limit for CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere according to many scientists,” it added.

    The bells are meant to toll at 3.00 pm local time in each location.

    The WCC brings together 348 Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican churches representing about 560 million Christians in 110 countries.

    The Council of European Bishops Conferences, which gathers Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops, is also supporting the campaign, according to a letter released by the WCC.

    One of the deeply disturbing aspects of the whole human induced/anthropogenic global warming bandwagons is the extent and degree to which the Christian Churches and also other faiths have been co-opted onto it.

    To observe this dispassionately one observes a remarkable phenomenon – a movement that has grown up in a remarkably short space of time from what originally were very small beginnings into what could be called “a world-wide belief system” that remarkably has managed to unite atheists, agnostics, Christians of all denominations and those of other faiths into a belief that the human species is at risk of extinction unless drastic actions are taken. Furthermore, that were the actions suggested adopted it would result in the deaths of many more humans that would otherwise be the case. Furthermore these deaths will take place in the developing world – as explained in the book Eco-imperialism: Green Power, Black Death by Paul Driessen.

    What is even more disturbing, even frightening is the seeming power this movement has to see that its own perverse world view has become the accepted orthodoxy in so many of our schools and societies. A whole generation of young people have grown up imbued and indoctrinated with this belief system. This explains the actions of the protestors hijacking a coal train earlier this year. They honestly believed that the coal the train was carrying was putting the planet at risk. It is the nature of young people to feel passionately about issues and many feel passionately about “global warming” – they really do believe that the observed increase in CO2 is somehow a pollutant and a danger to human life on the planet.

    History of course will be the true judge of this and show that induced/anthropogenic global warming was just as bogus and false as the Aztec belief that they had to cut out the hearts of captured enemies to appease the Sun God. Of course their belief system worked – they cut the hearts out of their enemies and the sun did not destroy them. Then came the Spanish.

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