• You can take a horse to the water….

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    Ed_MilibandToday the Times newspaper has published encouraging results that despite the intensive propaganda, most Britons have yet to be convinced that climate change is caused by human activity. This is very good news because of course climate change is not changed – in any significant way – by human activity.

    Around a quarter of those questioned (28%) by pollsters Populus for The Times agreed that climate change is “far and away” the most serious problem facing Britain, while a further 51% said it was a serious problem but not as serious as other issues.

    Some 41% of those taking part in the poll agreed it has been established that climate change is largely due to human activity. Around a third (32%) agreed that global warming is happening, but said it had not yet been proven to be man-made.

    After the poll findings emerged, Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said: “The overwhelming body of scientific information is stacked up against the deniers and shows us that climate change is man-made and is happening now.” He is of course completely wrong. He thinks it is getting warmer when it is getting colder and he thinks that he – along with the rest of us – are responsible when it is the sun that is responsible. He thinks we can do something to alter the climate when we cannot. What we can do is to protect ourselves from its worst ravages.

    He prattles on: “….We know that we still have a way to go in informing people about climate change and that is why we make no apologies about pushing forward with our new Act on CO2 campaign.…”

    • What do we expect from a man who believes (that is, says he believes) that Britain would not survive outside of the EU, that Lisbon does not seriously affect the Parliamentary sovereignty of the UK. etc etc!

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