• Give them and inch and they will take a metre

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    Van-RompuyIt is likely that arch euro-federalist Herman Van Rompuy, the Belgian Prime Minister, will become the new President of the European Union on Thursday.

    Van Rompuy’s wish is to have a visible EU presence on public buildings and in sport.

    The Flemish Christian Democrat manifesto stated: “….Apart from the Euro, also other national symbols need to be replaced by European symbols….” This means number plates, passport and ID car design and EU Flags on public buildings.

    One of the things Van Rompuy will work for is to put back those minor aspects of the EU Constitution that were ditched (temporarily) to make the Lisbon Treaty that little bit different to the European Constitution.

    This of course was hailed by the Blair government as a victory when references to Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” that was adopted as the EU’s anthem in 1985 were removed.

    Of course, a national anthem needs words. A Europhile called Peter Roland has composed some. Not only will our school children be expected in future to sing the national anthem of the Imperial governing power [the EU] but will have to sing in Latin. As you can see from the Latin and the English translation, Beethoven’s Ode To Joy can be sung only in Latin – there is no effective elicitation in English.

    Est Europa nunc unita
    et unita maneat;
    una in diversitate
    pacem mundi augeat.

    Semper regnant in Europa
    fides et iustitia
    et libertas populorum
    in maiore patria.

    Cives, floreat Europa,
    opus magnum vocat vos.
    Stellae signa sunt in caelo
    aureae, quae iungant nos.

    English translation

    Europe is united now
    United may it remain;
    Our unity in diversity
    May it contribute to world peace.

    May there forever reign in Europe
    Faith and justice
    And freedom of the people
    In a greater motherland

    Citizens, may Europe flourish,
    A great task calls on you.
    Golden stars in the sky are
    The symbols that shall unite us.

    Van Rompuy will propose that the EU raise its own “green taxes” likely to include be extra taxes on petrol and DERV – as if the British motorist does not pay enough already!

    Pieter Van Clippe, of Open Europe has been quoted: “….Van Rompuy is your typical EU federalist – he isn’t going to step on anyone’s toes or try to dominate the world like Tony Blair or President Sarkozy might have – but he can be relied upon to quietly make sure that the EU gets more and more powers, with less and less say for voters….”

    What we will see from December 2009 is the EU increasingly develop its competences. This will of course be met with lies and misrepresentations from the corrupt band of traitors and quislings in the main British political parties – who will attempt to continue to deceive the British people about the nature and extent of the handover of the government of this formerly sovereign country to the foreign power that is the European Union of the Cities and the Regions.

    • This nightmare must surely end soon.

      I am coming to think that the more outrageous the proposals are the better it is.

      Surely there can only be two possible outcomes?

      1. It will self destruct, implode, as the politicians struggle for personal supremacy


      2.. The people will rise up and have their say.

      I hope that I live long enough to see either scenario!

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