• Cumbria’s Floods – CO2 or not CO2 ? That is the question.


    Cockermouth_2009Over the past day or so, those of us lucky enough not to live in Cockermouth and Workington have looked at our television screens with deep sympathy. Not only for Mrs Barker and her children robbed of her husband and their father (PC Bill Barker) – for whom Christmas is going to feel so empty now but to the thousands affected who face the festive season and well into the new year in friend’s homes, bed and breakfast and rented accommodation. Of course it is times like these when the resilience and community spirit in these islands come to the fore and our emergency services and armed forces remind us once again that they are among the world’s finest.

    Unfortunately the Global Warming fanatics cannot resist the temptation to pitch in with their nonsense: “Blame it all on CO2!”

    As Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction.com states: “….the claim by politicians & Global Warmers that the Cumbria flood is a one in a thousand year event and somehow therefore evidence of CO2 driven Global Warming / Climate Change is utter nonsense…..”

    Let us examine the facts:

    The hypothesis that CO2 drives Global Warming and more warming leads to extreme events breaks down because the world has been cooling for at least 7 years (even the Climate Research Unit have to admit this their dodgy figures underestimate the cooling of course!). Since it is cooling there is no warming to supposedly drive this or any extreme event.

    Perhaps they argue warming 10 years ago has suddenly last week been remembered by the fronts over Cumbria which therefore decided to stay deluging for longer than normal!

    To make the alarmist claims seem plausible the one in a thousand year event so it must be CO2 claim is hyped up. However there is no thousand year long rainfall data set to support such a claim. Indeed more
    likely this is one of the flood type events which come in bursts over a few years every 133 years or so.

    And what about the world?

    An interesting question is why hasn’t the BBC reported on extreme events which happened around the world at the same time as Cumbria. For example 58,000 homeless in Sri Lanka due to floods & 3
    MILLION relocated in China due to snow deluges (yes you read that right 3 million)

    Such reportage of course would lead to two questions:
    - Was this world deluge of deluges expected ? Answer: Yes
    - How & Why ? Answer: The cause was Solar-lunar forcing factors as predicted to the day by WeatherAction a 100days ahead.

    As long as the hysteria is limited to Cumbria the Global Warming fanatics hope to get away with the alarmist lie: It is extreme therefore it must be down to CO2.

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