• To boldy go…..


    melanie-phillipsOn BBC 1’s “Question Time” tonight, the columnist Melanie Phillips boldly sought to inform the audience about the facts of “Climate Change”. That the ice sheets are expanding not contracting. That the world is getting colder not warmer and that polar bears were very happy with their lot.

    Unfortunately, the audience reactions were in the main disdainful and unbelieving. Many of these poor mistaken Scottish folk appeared to have swallowed the human induced/anthropogenic global warming agenda, hook line and sinker and have swallowed it bodily.

    This is a serious situation as the treasonous Quislings who run our country on behalf of the European Union appear to have convinced the majority of the public into believing this nonsense.

    To those who think that the continuing facts of nature will force a new reality on the warmists the British Gazette would urge caution. Do not hold your breath!

    Sadly, when the warmists are making lots of money through their daft and pointless schemes they will be able to point out that the non appearance of the drastic effects they predicted were stopped by the adoption of their loony and expensive policies.

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