• Of mice and men….


    garyjohnsonThe man on the left above is Garry McKinnon. The other man is a coward, a Quisling and a traitor.

    Mr. McKinnon is facing the prospect of being extradited to the U.S.A. to face charges of hacking into US military computers.

    Were this not enough, Mr. McKinnon has the very great misfortune to suffer from some severe mental health problems. In addition to suffering from Asperger’s Symdrome, a form of autism, Mr. McKinnon is clinically depressed and suffers from paranoid delusions. He also suffers from the delusional belief that UFOs and aliens are real and is terrified that he’ll be tortured by aliens once he sets foot in US.

    Mr. McKinnon is a vulnerable adult. Mr. McKinnon has every right to expect that Home Secretary Alan Johnson will protect him. Unfortunately Mr Johnson is only interested in protecting himself and the interests of his treasonous colleagues.

    Let us come straight to the point vis-à-vis the criminal actions that Mr. McKinnon admits to committing. These actions were committed some seven years ago and Mr. McKinnon (through his lawyers) have been requesting that the Crown Prosecution Service take action against him for these offences. It is not often that an offender has to mount a campaign demanding that they face British justice. But this is exactly what Mr. McKinnon and his legal team are so doing.

    The first question you, Dear Reader will ask is this: Where were these offences committed. The answer to this is in Mr. McKinnon’s bedroom at his mother’s house in England. It is the case that the computers that Mr. McKinnon “hacked into” were in the U.S.A. but the most important fact of the case is that Mr. McKinnon was in the U.K. when he committed the offences.

    Unfortunately, not only has the British political system been taken over by Quisling’s, the legal system has too. This explains why our compliant judiciary routinely implement decisions based on European Union law over English and Scottish law – in complete violation of the British Constitution and their own oaths of allegiance.

    Hope however is not all lost for Mr. McKinnon. Hope funnily enough is to be found in the cowardice of Johnson himself and also the European Court of Human Rights. Back in August 2008 Mr. McKinnon’s lawyers appealed to the European Court for them to rule that the extradition of Mr. McKinnon would transgress his human rights. At the time the court rejected the appeal. However, Mr. McKinnon’s lawyers will now be able to submit new evidence: Mr. McKinnon’s mental health problems.

    Ironically, both men above will be hoping that the European Court will rule in Mr. McKinnon’s favour. Mr. McKinnon’s reasons are obvious. Johnson’s reasons will be that he will be able to go to the Americans and state that he cannot allow the extradition to go ahead as the European court says it must not.

    There was a time when the government of this United Kingdom was in that hands of men such as Mr. Atlee, Mr. Bevan, Mr. Asquith, Mr. Simon, Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Churchill.

    These were men of honour and integrity. These were men who took the most solemn oath of Privy Councillor and KEPT IT. Tragically we are now ruled by men like Mr. Johnson.

    If Dear Reader, you are in any doubt as to the harshness of the regime that would be handed out to Mr. McKinnon by the U.S. authorities consider the following case:

    Mr. William Cottrell was an Asperger’s Syndrome sufferer who will serve the majority of a 10 year prison sentence imposed upon him, with no allowance being made for his Asperger’s Syndrome which was a major factor in his offending behaviour and has no support within the U.S. penal system which is chronically underfunded and overstretched.

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