• Scotland’s Funniest Man!!!!


    Alex_SalmondToday, Monday, 30th November, is St. Andrew’s Day, the Feast Day of Scotland’s Patron Saint. It is also the eve of British Independence as on Tuesday, 1st December, 2009 the Lisbon Treaty becomes effective and the United Kingdom ceases to be an independent sovereign state and becomes a suzerain (vassal) state of the European Union.

    It is also the day that Alex Salmond has seen fit to publish details of his party’s proposed referendum on Scottish independence.

    Alex Salmond is obviously one of those very rare creatures: a Scotsman with a sense of humour!

    Of course the big joke – which must have SNP members rolling around in the aisles – is that the SNP does not want independence at all! Indeed they want less independence for Mr Salmond’s aim is to have Scotland join the Eurozone and to henceforth follow the dictat of the European Central Bank!

    If Mr Salmond and the SNP decided to pursue a policy of genuine independence – that is withdrawl from the United Kingdom AND withdrawl from the European Union he might find he would have a lot more supporters – especially south of the border!

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