• N’est pas ce ce que j’ai voulu!

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    Nicholas_SarkozyIt has happened to all of us at one time or another. We get what we think is a really good idea – but it does not turn out that way.

    This has happened to one N. Sarkozy, sometime President of a country called France – you may have heard of it. On a good day you can see it from the white cliffs of Dover. France produces some of the finest wines, tastiest cheese, the best bread rolls (anywhere) and some of the world’s most beautiful women. Unfortunately, it also produces Frenchmen.

    Well it seems friend Sarkozy dreamed up what he thought would be a real wheeze. A website where the French could post their views about France’s national identity.

    Poor old Sarkozy. His fellow Frenchmen took him at his words and many bemoaned their lot with comments [translated] as:

    “….France has become an African colony in a way which cannot be reversed.

    Before, France had colonies. Now it has been colonised itself.

    Nobody in France asked to be invaded by strangers

    Being French is to be born in France to two French parents

    Immigrants who want to impose their lifestyles on us should go home.

    France has the largest Muslim population in Europe outside Turkey (which is not in Europe).

    This is what happens when you let the people speak. They tell you things you do not want to hear!

    • Hardly a problem Peter as I doubt those that pose the question will “hear” the answer.Irish vote “non” and where did it get them?

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