• Don’t bash the bankers.


    Sir_Winfred_Bischoff-enSir_Philip_Hampton-enOver the recent months there have been many comments critical of the nation’s bankers.

    Let us however consider a few facts.

    Many of the criticisms vis-à-vis “bankers’ bonuses” are from MPs who themselves were smarting under the excoriation heaped upon them following the expenses scandal. They were very pleased and relieve when another set of “Aunt Sallys” came along.

    The financial services industry is a major and essential part of this country’s economy. This is why the government stepped in as it did. The most important thing is to return these banks to profitability and the private sector. If this means paying multi-million pound salaries to the top echelon then so be it.

    The biggest immediate danger from within these shores is the politicians putting in the typical politically correct quangocrat onto the boards of our banks. This would be a disaster. Having these people run our health service is bad enough but put them on the boards of the two state owned clearing banks and you will have killed two of the golden geese that lay the golden eggs.

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