• Another Danish fairy tale….


    mermaidToday in Copenhagen the international conference on “climate change” started. It will close on the 18th a week before Christmas – sorry – Winterval!

    Thus we can say that henceforth Copenhagen will be famous for two fairy stories. One, “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Anderson and the other, “Mann Made Climate Change” by various authors including Mr. Mann!

    Whilst Hans Christian Anderson’s work was a charming tale for children, Mr. Mann’s tale – which the Brown government is telling our children via TV adverts paid for with taxpayer’s money – is not a charming tale. It is a tale of woe. Of rising sea levels, melting ice caps, disappearing nations and no polar bears.

    All these woes have as much bearing in reality as a little mermaid. Sea levels are not rising, nations will not disappear and polar bears are not in any danger from the climate.

    One wonders then how this nonsense got off the ground. Because of a combination of two global events.
    The first was the collapse of the U.S.S.R. and the “defeat” of communism. This left much of the leftist establishment bereft of an ideological campaign. Then there was the development of two great economies, China and India. These two potential powerhouses started to develop economically from the late 80s and early 90s. This betokened that in future, the low raw material prices that had powered western industrial dominance would be no more. Thus capitalists and communists alike found their answer in a new combined ideology – Climate Change. For the capitalist the “green economy” is a new money making opportunity. For the communist “green economics” means high taxes and state control. Both sides get what they want.
    And We the People Pay the Price.

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