• The enemy at our gate.

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    Sutton_BankOn BBC One’s Question Time last night the panel included General Sir Richard Dannatt and “Paddy” Lord Ashdown. Afghanistan was discussed. It was broadcast from Wootton Bassett which has seen the body of the 100th serviceman to be borne through its streets. Again the good folk of Wootton have paid their respects and can indeed be described as representing all of us, the common people of the United Kingdom. Indeed there is a beauty spot in the North Riding of Yorkshire called Sutton Bank (above). There is a grand view over the vales of York and Pickering to be had from the top of this escarpment. Along a footpath are benches. These will generally carry plaques commemorating deceased loved ones. One bench, recently erected has inscribed the name of a young soldier called Matt who fell in Afghanistan. As one walks past in the afternoon, especially in the fall of the year as the sun lowers in the western sky over the Pennines one cannot help being reminded of the poignancy of the fact that this young man for whom Sutton Bank was one of his favourite places will never see another glorious North Riding sunset – as we who are left will see.

    Of course the politicians have paid their reverential homilies to the fallen. It has to be said that when these condolences come from a man like Lord Ashdown whose own experiences bear a singular testimony, they weigh more than those from the likes of Geoff Hoon.

    However the facts of the matter are these: the politicians of the establishment are not telling people the truth. Well, let us rephrase that: they are not telling the people the WHOLE truth. Only part. But then what do you expect from Messrs. Brown, Miliband et al. If these fellows are quite prepared to stand in front of our own Sovereign Lady, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and, with Holy Bible in hand are prepared to give a solemn and binding oath that they will see to it that no foreign power shall have precedence in this land when they are readily ensuring quite the opposite – why should you expect them to be honest with you, the British People ?

    It therefore falls to the British Gazette to once again, Speak the Truth unto the Nation.

    When such as the “dear leader” Gordon Brown alludes to the fact that if we do not fight the Muslim fundamentalist terrorists in Afghanistan we will fight them here in Britain, he is being more honest than is usual for him. What he should go on to state is that this is because many of the Taliban terrorists who are currently engaged in killing our soldiers are themselves British! Many come from Bradford and Birmingham. Do not however expect these fellows if captured to ever be charged with committing High Treason. Mr Blair removed this from the statute book. Well he did sign the European Constitution didn’t he! Let’s face it, given the chance, burglars would legalise burglary!

    The fact is that this country is producing large numbers of young Muslim men who do not identify with the traditional secular and democratic values of these islands but adhere to a fundamentalist version of Islam. They intend to implement their vision here in Britain and are quite prepared to kill to achieve it.
    We in this United Kingdom have already experience sectarian conflict. In Ulster. Before 1969 and the start of “the troubles” many communities in and around Belfast and Londonderry were mixed, protestant and catholic lived peaceably side by side. This situation however came to an end with the so called “peace walls.” Many families on either side of the sectarian divide were driven out of their homes and formerly mixed neighbourhoods became polarised – exclusively protestant or catholic. This in turn led to an increase in sectarian bitterness and extremism. What happened in Ulster in the 1970s and 1980s could happen in cities such as Bradford and Wolverhampton in a few years time. This time the divisions will be far deeper and less bridgeable.

    At this point the British Gazette would also and most emphatically wish to point out that the extremists in all of these situations are always in a minority. Most folk in Ulster whether they were catholic or protestant were law abiding peaceful persons who had no involvement with terrorism. As it is with the good folk of Northern Ireland so it is with the good folk of the West Riding and the West Midlands. Whether they are Christian, Muslim or Don’t Know!”

    A deeper examination of British politics within Britain’s ethnic minority communities will show that amongst the politically interested and active, the Labour Party garners the lion’s share of support and has done so for generations. In the early days this was understandable. The first arrivals to our shores from Pakistan were predominately poor workers coming in search of work in the woollen and cotton mills of England. Labour was the natural political home for such workers. Over the years, many of the descendants of these men are now wealthy and successful businessmen and professionals. However, unlike their Anglo-Saxon counterparts many have not broken the link with Labour. This explains certain things:
    It explains why Labour’s move so far into the centre ground on issue such as tax and spending has been consolidated. The Asian middle class do not want a return to the politics of 1960s socialism.

    Paradoxically, they are also some of the strongest supporters of British secularism. They appreciate British secular society. Many Muslim women like being able to wear the burkha whilst aware that they are free to NOT wear the burkha. They fear fundamentalism. Their fears are well grounded. The late Lord Wilson spoke of the “white heat” of the technological revolution changing Britain. This could be paraphrased as predicting that the “white heat” of fundamentalist Islam will evaporate moderation whenever it comes into contact with it.

    Currently the battleground lies in Helmand province in Afghanistan. In future it could lie in the West Riding and the West Midlands.

    If you think that this is a serious situation, it gets worse. One answer to the question, “Why is Britain in Afghanistan ?” is, “Pakistan.” Pakistan is a large unstable Muslim country. It has nuclear weapons. If Afghanistan falls again to the Taliban, Pakistan is likely to be next. This means that such as Osama Bin Laden will have nuclear weapons.

    Understand this. Israel WILL NOT allow this situation to continue. This is why the situation is so serious and why even amidst the current financial crisis the British government will not walk away from this. The costs of failure are too terrible to contemplate.

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