• Tolerance ? What Tolerance ?


    Olive+James_JonesThe above images of a Mrs. Olive Jones and her son James Jones, a Royal Marine.

    The political establishment like to boast that they run Britain in a tolerant manner, that “tolerance” is a keyword in their political philosophy. That of course is as much a lie as their other ones, such as Britain is an independent sovereign state and, human produced CO2 is endangering the planet. When they speak of “tolerance” it is very much one way. If you are a member of a non Christian faith, an atheist, a member of the “ethnic minorities” or other than heterosexual then this Vichy like state will see to it that anyone who hinders or upsets you in any way will quickly be brought to book.

    So it was for the unfortunate Mrs. Olive Jones of Weston-super-Mare. Mrs Jones had a job as a supply teacher with the North Somerset Tuition Service in Nailsea, near Bristol until recently. However when she offered to pray for a sick pupil she was suspended by her employer North Somerset Council following a complaint from the child’s mother, a lady who doesn’t “do” religion.

    It seems that her employers are trying to interpret new equality and diversity policies. The case is similar to the case of community nurse Caroline Petrie, who was suspended last December after offering to pray for a patient. She was later reinstated following a national outcry.

    Of course we all know how these new equality and diversity policies are designed to work, they are to promote opportunity for all those persons in the U.K. who are:
    A. not part of the indigenous British people.
    B. not Christian.
    C. not one who describes themselves as Gay or Lesbian.

    It is almost as if the traitors that are the junta running this country have declared war on the indigenous people of these islands. Everybody else’s heritage, culture, traditions, wishes, beliefs, religion are to be respected and lauded except those of the indigenous British people.

    But then, if these traitors are running the country for and in the interests of foreigners, what does one expect?

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