• Come on in and join in the mayhem!


    This man is Boris Tadic, President of Serbia. Today, Serbia formally applied for European Union membership. President Tadic delivered his nation’s application to Sweden, the last holder of the rotating EU presidency.

    Serbia’s failure to arrest Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb ex-general indicted for genocide by the UN war crimes tribunal, has so far and will continue to frustrate the county’s ambition to be a vassal state of the E.U. but it is expected that Mladic will eventually end up behind bars facing his day in court.

    Relations had been improving. Earlier this month, the EU unblocked an interim trade deal with Serbia and lifted the visa requirements for Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, allowing their citizens to travel freely to the E.U.

    This application is the start of a long process which will last some years. It is however good news. Why ?

    Because the larger and more diverse the E.U. becomes the harder it becomes to maintain broad support for coherent policies. The British Gazette does not wish the E.U. well. It wishes it ill. The more states it allows to join it the more cumbersome its decision making processes will become and its internal divisions will increase. It is especially to be hoped that the Republic of Turkey will be allowed to join. This will increase anti-E.U. sentiment in Germany with an inevitable rise in support for far right German parties opposed to Germany’s E.U. membership. This is due to the fact that Turks form the largest ethnic minority in Germany, a group which accounts for Germany’s increasing Muslim population. Surprised you should not be. If you as a British taxpayer are fed up at seeing much or your taxes go to fill the coffers of the E.U. Then consider the plight of the poor German taxpayer. They pay a greater share of their income in taxes and more of it goes to the E.U. than in the U.K.’s case. Many Germans do not like this.

    Remember this. The Serbs and the Greeks hate the Turks and the Turks hate the Serbs and the Greeks. To have these three as E.U. members can only do one thing. Hasten the E.U.’s collapse.

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