• Vigilance is our guard.

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    Umar-Farouk-AbdulmutallabAn Al-Qaeda regional wing claims it was behind failed the Christmas Day attempt by Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to destroy an American plane coming in to land at Detroit.

    In the statement posted on Islamist websites, the group says the motive was to avenge US attacks on the group in Yemen. The group says it provided the Nigerian suspect with a “technically advanced device,” but that it had failed to detonate because of a technical fault.

    It is a sorry state of affairs when one has candidly to admit that we must expect more attacks of this type in the future. Vigilance is our guard.

    • Strip searches and more after profiling. I speak as a veteran pilot of 32 years experience. It does not take a brain surgeon to eliminate a grandad from Yorkshire with a family name of Smith from the list of more likely suspects. Then you could concentrate the security efforts where they are needed. The argument of the blonde nutter attacking Tel Aviv does not stand, the circumstances and motives were very different. Here we have at least a partially defined group to look at.
      PC? no …. Within EC human rights? Probably not.

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