• Keep Cadbury British


    cadburyIt has been revealed that the Italian chocolate giant Ferrero is still examining its options on a possible takeover bid for Cadbury PLC. Cadbury has already rejected a U.S. $16.2 billion offer from U.S. food group Kraft.

    It will be very sad if this famous British manufacturer is bought out by the U.S. firm Kraft. Notwithstanding any assurances to the contrary, be under no doubt that Kraft will begin a process of cutting down on production in the U.K. and concentrate it in areas were wage costs are lower – such as the new E.U. entrant Poland and possibly Romania and/or Bulgaria – this will allow them to continue to be regarded as being an E.U. manufacturer but with a vastly reduced wage bill.

    Cadbury’s are justly famous as being one of the early band of enlightened employers building the company town of Bourneville outside Birmingham and being ahead of its time in providing welfare, support and educational facilities for its employees.

    Of course the U.K. can expect no help whatsoever from the E.U. Strange isn’t it. Kraft would never get away with what they are planning were Cadbury’s a French or German firm. But British ? Why the British government will standby like the eunuch it is, offering yet more taxpayers money to retrain those Cadbury’s workers made redundant but without intervening and bending and breaking the E.U. rules as the French would do to protect their industry. This is because there is a basic cultural difference between the Gallic and Anglo-Saxon way of governing and interpreting the rules.

    The French view E.U. Directives the same way many view fidelity in marriage. Something desirable to be aimed at but not always achieved. The Anglo-Saxon view of E.U. Directives is the traditional view that, “the law, is the law, is the law.” What it tells us is this: The best people to rule the British are the British and the best people to rule the French is anybody but the French!

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