• Cameron’s let the cat out of the bag. Again….


    conservative_party_logoIt has been revealed today that the Conservative Party is to target LibDem voters.

    The Tories have their tails up as opinion polls suggest they could oust Labour in an election due by June, returning to office after 13 years. However, some polls suggest the gap between the “big three” is narrowing with the possibility of a hung parliament with the LibDems holding the balance of power.

    In his New Year message Cameron said: “Let’s be honest that whether you’re Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, you’re motivated by pretty much the same progressive aims: a country that is safer, fairer, greener and where opportunity is more equal…” AND: “It’s how to achieve these aims that we disagree about — and indeed between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats there is a lot less disagreement than there used to be….”

    Mais naturellement mon ami! Given that Cameron has stated that he intends that the U.K. will never leave the E.U. he is in obvious agreement with the LibDems about the most basic and fundamental question in British politics…. Who governs the U.K. ? London or Brussels.

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