• Obituary – The United Kingdom – a.k.a. a Dead Parrot.


    union-flag_half-mastToday, New Year’s Day (Friday 1st January 2010) marks two anniversaries. It marks 209 years from Thursday, 1st January, 1801 upon which auspicious day the Act of Union came into effect creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. It also the day on which it can be said that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and [Northern] Ireland has died, or in other words, ceased to be, has past on, is deceased, is of late or has become a dead parrot.

    Of course the Europhiles just like the shop keeper character in the gloriously funny Monty Python sketch with persistently refuse to accept it has died. But it has. The most essential elements that made up that state – its sovereign integrity has gone. Handed over to a foreign entity, the European Union.
    In 1801 there was no change of sovereign. It was H.M. King George III. Today (1/1/2010) however the supreme personage in the land must be regarded as Herman van Rompuy, President of the E.U. He is the person to whom the Queen [through her government] is now answerable.
    If you are passing Windsor Castle and hear a rumbling emanating therefrom, it will be the bones of His late Majesty King George III spinning in their grave!

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