• The lunatics have taken over the asylum…..


    bedlam-william-hogarthThe Interior of Bedlam, from A Rake’s Progress by William Hogarth (1763)

    In the 18th century, watching and taunting “lunatics” in an asylum was a popular form of entertainment.

    The cost of admission at the Hospital of St. Mary in London, the oldest psychiatric hospital in the world (later renamed Bethlem Hospital), was one penny. The asylum was so chaotic that it became the basis of the word “bedlam.”

    It seems that the boot is now on the other foot and the lunatics have escaped and are taunting us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Brown government has finally lost all touch with reality awarding rights to develop some of the world’s biggest offshore wind farms, triggering a race to win financing for the complex, risky and high-maintenance projects. The Brown government hopes that 6,400 giant offshore wind turbines capable of generating a maximum of 3,200 megawatts of electricity by 2020.

    These structures are going to be placed around the coast of the U.K. in the middle of some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world! 840 are going to be placed in the way of the Liverpool/Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire sea lane. A further 180 are going to be placed in the crowded English Channel south of the Isle of White and the port of Southampton. If that isn’t enough hazard enough, a further 120 are going to be placed at the entry of the Dover Strait off Hastings. 1,440 are going to be placed in the Harwich/Felixstowe to Hamburg/Gothenburg sea lane used by some of the largest containerships in the world and 880 are going to be placed in the Hull – Rotterdam sea lane off Hornsea! A total of 6,400 of these structures will be capable of generating a maximum of 3,200 mega-watts or 80% of the capacity of the Drax power station. However, in practise they are only expected to generate a third of this power with any regularity – 1,066 mega-watts.

    Lack of capacity, huge cost and a constant hazard to navigation are not the only debilitating factors that should cause anybody with half a functioning brain cell to reject the idea as preposterous. There is also the problem of power pulse onto the national grid. Electrical engineers are appalled at the prospect of handling the power of these turbines. It is a straightforward task to carry a constant 3,200 mega-watts from a conventional power station. But the enormous fluctuation of power levels will cause huge technical problems that will cause the system to be inherently unreliable and prone to breakdown.

    So. What does this mean for you the electricity consumer?

    Power cuts.

    When the wind fails to blow, expect power cuts – insufficient electricity generated.

    When the wind does blow, expect power cuts – the national grid breaks down.

    Now let us compare the cost of this project from the lunatic asylum with the costs of a conventional and sane solution. A 600 mega-watt coal fired power station will cost £2 billion. Thus 6 will cost £12 billion and produce a reliable constant 3,600 mega-watts of electricity.

    Gordon Brown commented upon the above plan thus: “…This is a great day for energy policy, sustainable energy and environment. This is a great day also for the United Kingdom…”

    The man clearly has some mental health issues he needs to address.

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