• Dixon of Dock Green. Where are you ?


    Myleene_KlassTwo recent events one very upsetting and the other tragic have served to illustrate how our police have been transformed from the impartial and stoutly independent upholders of law and order to the politically correct oppressive enforcers of regulations – largely stemming from E.U. Directives.

    On Friday (8th January) intruders entered the property of the model and TV celebrity Myleene Klass at around midnight. The lady was upstairs when she spotted the youths and grabbed a knife and banged the windows with it before the youths ran off. She subsequently called the police, who when told of her actions told her not have used a knife to scare off the youths because carrying an “offensive weapon” – even in her own home – was illegal.

    We would suggest that the police were wrong in their interpretation of both the spirit and the letter of the law. Wrong in spirit as Myleene was reacting instinctively and without premeditation to an uninvited intrusion onto her property. Wrong in the letter of the law as what turns a kitchen knife into an offensive weapon is intent. If one holds a kitchen knife at a person in such a manner as it appears to be a weapon to inflict injury or death or otherwise possesses a kitchen knife in such circumstances that a reasonable man would presume it is being carried as a weapon and not a kitchen utensil then one is in possession of an offensive weapon. If however one is in one’s kitchen and grabs a knife to bang on the window – to create a louder noise than one would by banging on the window with one’s hand –one is not in possession of an offensive weapon, but a kitchen knife – which was kept in the kitchen, along with other kitchen utensils as forks and spoons.
    Earlier the same evening (7:00PM), Mr. Sukhwinder Singh, who died as he tried to apprehend two thieves who grabbed a woman’s handbag and ran off with it in Barking, Essex. Mr. Singh caught up with the two thieves who promptly stabbed this very brave man to death.

    When these two robbers are caught and convicted the fact is that their human rights and rights as prisoners to a certain level of accommodation and creature comforts) – not to mention the protection from being hanged by the neck until the life in them is extinguished – will be guarded by E.U. law. The law that so significantly failed to protect the late Mr. Sukhwinder Singh.

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