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    Baroness-AshtonDuring her three hour stint in front of the Imperial Diet – a.k.a. the European Parliament, our new [unelected] Foreign Affairs Minister, Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Catherine, the Lady Ashton of Upholland identified Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran and Somalia as being at the top of her agenda.

    Throughout the meeting she studiously avoided making any clear statement as to how she intended to tackle the various issues including Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    With her voice still showing her Lancastrian roots she emerged from the meeting having given the impression that hear was a highly competent if uncharismatic woman who had diligently “boned up” and done her homework since her appointment.

    Lady Ashton, who whom the new EU Corps Diplomatiques will answer did state that she did not believe the Ambassadors in the new service required the Imperial Diet’s [European Parliament] approval.

    The British Gazette does not doubt that Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Catherine, the Lady Ashton of Upholland will be a competent, conscientious and hard working Imperial Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. The British Gazette does not doubt that Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Catherine, the Lady Ashton of Upholland will seek to promote the interests of the Imperial government and state in the world.

    The British Gazette is also in no doubt as to what has happened: the dissolution of the former sovereign state that was the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with a vassal and suzerain state masquerading under its former name, now run by a group of traitors.

    Sometime this year – within the next six months Gordon Brown will ask the Queen for a dissolution and will face the electorate. The British Gazette would suggest that given the new circumstances the British people would be well advised to ignore what will be a complete charade. Do not waste you time attending public meetings and questioning the candidates on such matters as Afghanistan and Iran – the so called “climate change” rip off or other such weighty matters.

    These politicians if elected to office at Westminster will have a say in the affairs of Europe but they only have a minority of votes in the Imperial chambers of government – therefore they cannot get their way and any policies they might espouse have no guarantee whatsoever of being implemented.

    We the British People are now citizens of a new state called the European Union. We may not like it but facts are facts. No amount of wishing this were not so will change this.

    What then does the British Gazette suggest voters do at the forthcoming general election ?

    Ignore it and do not bother to vote.

    The Labour Party are committed to keep the U.K. in the E.U.
    The Conservative Party are committed to keep the U.K. in the E.U.
    The Liberal Democratic Party are committed to keep the U.K. in the E.U.
    U.K.I.P. and/or the B.N.P. or any other of the minor EuroRealist parties have no chance whatsoever of winning any parliamentary seats that are contested by any of these three parties let alone forming a government. The one thing the public can do is to show their contempt and disdain for these traitors by the tactic of the Boycott.

    The problem with voting for such as U.K.I.P and the B.N.P is that one is playing into the Europhile traitors hand. By contesting a parliamentary seat and by voting one is endorsing their falsehood that this country still has a lawful government and political system and that the United Kingdom of Great Britain still exists when it does not. What we have is a charade, a sham, a masquerade.

    Remember the tale of the King’s new clothes ? A little boy who was not “in on the story” shouted that the King was in the altogether [naked]…

    If enough people refuse to go out and vote then the low percentage will show that the people are no longer to be taken in by the mass hoodwinking. Since the majority of new laws come from the Imperial government there is little point in choosing between which set of Quislings to implement the Imperial decrees.

    • I maintain that as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, both traitors and members of the subversive communist think tank, The Fabian Society, along with Most New Labour Ministers and 300 of their MP’s, lied their way into office, a criminal offence, waged an illegal war on the sovereign state of Iraq, a war crime, they have no legal right to call themselves a government.

      Brown’s signature on the EU Treaty was one of deception and invalid. In British Law Consent obtained by deception is not true consent.

      But I do agree that voting for any of our existing parties is futile.

      I have therefore created a new one, a party of common sense and dedicated to restoring Britain as an independent sovereign nation.

      I’ve called it, Our Party-Your Party and outlined what it hopes to achieve and how. All we need is people to join and to run it,, now come on, could you do any worse than our current politicians?
      Me, I’m a little too long in the tooth.

      Our Party-your Party, the Road Ahead can be seen in the Nottinghamshire Times.

      Here is the URL: http://www.nottinghamshiretimes.co.uk

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