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    roulette_wheelThe above image of roulette wheel is an excellent way of portraying the justice system we have in the U.K. today. Of course, the roulette wheel that is the present day British justice system has been weighted (tampered with) by the house [the establishment].

    On 10th March 2008, the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, known as The Poachers, marched through Luton, Bedfordshire. In addition to crowds of patriotic well-wishers cheering their support and admiration “The Poachers” were also greeted with a torrent of abuse and invective from some Muslim protestors. Among these were the jeers: “British Army: murderers”; “British soldiers burn in hell”; “Baby killers”; and “British soldiers you will pay…”
    Yesterday, Munim Abdul, 28, Jalal Ahmed, 21, Yousaf Bashir, 29, Shajjadar Choudhury, 31, and Ziaur Rahman, 32, all from Luton, were convicted at Luton Magistrates’ Court of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

    Jubair Ahmed, 19, and Ibrahim Anderson, 32, also from Luton, were acquitted of the same charge.

    In sentencing the men, District Judge Carolyn Mellanby said: “The defendants’ conduct went beyond reasonable legitimate protest. Their behaviour was an open expression of opinion on a matter of public interest which was advanced in words that amounted to being disproportionate and unreasonable.”

    She then handed down a conditional discharge!

    Compare this with the harsh and heavy handed treatment meated out to two other unpleasant individuals, Mr Simon Sheppard and Mr. Stephen Whittle. These men printed leaflets and controlled US websites featuring racist material. They fled to the US before the conclusion of their trial at Leeds Crown Court last year, but failed in an asylum bid. The published material included images of murdered Jews alongside cartoons and articles ridiculing ethnic groups.
    On the 10th July, 2009 Judge Rodney Grant told the men their material was “abusive and insulting” and had the potential to cause “grave social harm”. He added: “Such offences as these have, by their very nature, the potential to cause grave social harm, particularly in a society such as ours which has, for a number of years now, been multi-racial. These are serious offences. I can say without any hesitation that I have rarely seen, or had to read or consider, material which is so abusive and insulting… towards racial groups within our own society.”

    He then sentenced Mr. Sheppard to 4 years and 10 months in prison and Mr. Whittle to 2 years and 4 months in prison.

    The reader may wish to consider the differences between the two sets of offences:

    As the British Gazette sees it they are:

    Messrs. Abdul, Ahmed, Bashir, Choudhury and Rahman were convicted of making extremely abusive, insulting and offensive remarks to the officers and men of the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment. The Poachers had no choice but to endure these hurtful tirades. Furthermore the tirades were made in person.

    Messrs. Sheppard and Whittle on the other hand made their equally (but different) extremely abusive, insulting and offensive remarks on an extremist website – one that was unlikely to be visited by those persons they were insulting!

    Clearly, many will suggest that Messrs. Abdul, Ahmed, Bashir, Choudhury and Rahman should have received prison terms between 4 years and 10 months and 2 years and 4 months and Messrs. Sheppard and Whittle should have received the conditional discharge.

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