• An open letter to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.


    Department+of+Energy+and+Climate+ChangeDouglas Potter
    Department of Energy and Climate Change
    3 Whitehall Place
    SW1A 2AW

    Your ref: DWO158619/DP

    24th January 2010

    Dear Mr Potter,

    When someone shouts, “Fire!” in a crowded theatre it is regarded as a criminal offence if there is no fire – unless it can be shown to have been an honest mistake.

    Up till a few months ago, your department might still be regarded as having made an honest mistake over the myth of “AGW”. It is true that it revealed your department‘s scientific illiteracy but not at that stage any mischievous or criminal intent.

    However, since last November, no one in your department could remain ignorant of the sequence of serious scientific frauds being revealed, from “Climategate” to “Glaciergate” as well as the disgraceful behaviour of railway engineer, Dr Rajendra Pachauri.

    There was never much “evidence” for AGW in the first place, but what little that had been adduced is now shown to have been invalid from the start.

    It follows that for your department to persist in promoting “Green” policies is also to be involved in defrauding the taxpayers (who are your masters). You need to note that insurance companies are withdrawing from the 2010 Climate Risk Disclosure Survey. To charge premiums for non-existent risks would be fraud and they are being honest in realising this.

    Taxpayers are rightly going to expect full reimbursement for past “green” taxation and for the wasted subsidies for idiotic wind farms – for which we have had to pay twice: once in subsidies to build them and then again in the extra cost of our electricity.

    I believe that in law the individuals, including the minister, in your department would be liable for the full costs of this reimbursement if a court were to convict them. I hope, for your sakes, it won‘t come to that.

    Yours sincerely,

    Rev. Philip Foster, MA
    Hemingford Abbots,

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