• The late and unlamented Ali Hassan al-Majeed, a.ka. “Chemical Ali”


    PD*25589100Today, Saddam Hussein’s cousin, Ali Hassan al-Majeed, known as “Chemical Ali” has been hanged “by the neck until the life in him was extinguished….”

    Amongst all the controversy of the Iraq inquiry, it is worth noting that the much criticised invasion in 2003 has given the Iraqis a chance to exact their own vengeance. Of course, it can be argued that “Chemical Ali’s” trial was something of a show trial and the result, both in verdict and sentence, a foregone conclusion.
    The British Gazette would make one comment: in the days of Saddam, there was a ceremonial arch in Baghdad that was made of two curved Arabic swords. The late and unlamented (apart from the various criminal defence lawyers who represented him) “Chemical Ali” must have known this monument to his cousin’s megalomania very well. As he proceeds down into the fires of hell he will doubtless recollect the old proverb. He who lives by the sword….Dies by the sword…. How he must now regret the choices he made in life!

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