• So you really want to control the climate, do you ?


    That is the question the British Gazette puts to the warmists.

    We at the British Gazette have set ourselves that task of Speaking the Truth unto the Nation.

    Well, readers will know that we are based in the West Riding of Yorkshire – a country with a reputation for plain speaking and for calling a spade a spade and not an agricultural implement for the use thereof.

    O.K. So well all get reet down to brass tacks then…..

    Those folks presenting the widely published belief that human activity is responsible for climate change are not only orchestrating the biggest scam since the South Sea Island Company in 1721. They are also are prostelysing a belief that is as big as load of codswallop as the belief held by medieval Christians that the sun orbited the earth and the belief held by numerous pre Columbian native Americans that it was necessary to cut the heart out of one’s enemies to keep the sun from going out.

    So, this dishonest collection of failed politicians and wannabe celebrities want to control the climate eh?

    O.K. Well we will ask them this question: So you really want to control the climate, do you?

    To control the climate you need to:

    - Seal every volcano on the planet
    - Control sunspots, solar flares etc
    - Prevent supernovae
    - Stop the solar system‘s passage through the galaxy
    - Stop the precession of the earth‘s axis
    - Control the orbit of the earth around the sun
    - Change the behaviour of the moon
    - Stop continental drift – the movements of the earth‘s tectonic plates

    To control the level of CO2 – which has a miniscule effect on temperature – you will also need to:
    - Kill all bacterial life on the planet – this exists in huge amounts, not just on the surface, but down to depths of over a mile into the earth‘s crust, generating vast amounts of CO2.

    NB: Removing the human input of CO2 from the atmosphere is about as effective in changing climate as taking a couple of gallons of water out of a hurricane would be in stopping the hurricane.

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