• The end of the [battle] line.


    CVF_HMS_Prince_of_WalesOne hundred years ago the battle-line fielded by the Royal Navy was the largest and most powerful battle-lines in the world. This nation was at its zenith, economically, politically, militarily.

    Today, like Laocoön and his sons struggling with the serpents, the Chief of the Defence Staff will find it difficult to keep a air-sea-land defence force worthy of the name following the upcoming general election. The nation is heavily in debt and spending cuts will be the order of the day. Defence will be at the top of the list for cuts.

    Of course the continuing commitment to Afghanistan will mean that the cuts will fall on the RAF and Royal Navy. It appears that consideration is being given to disbanding the Royal Air Force and setting up Army and Naval Air Corps. It is also on the cards that the Royal Navy’s new carrier will be reliant on the French Navy in a new partnership for her escorts and could be restricted to operate helicopters only, becoming a large LPH. The new ship, HMS Prince of Wales, would in fact be better suited to this role that of fleet carrier. This for the following reasons:

    Size: to be truly effective as a fleet aircraft carrier the ship should be the size of a USN Nimitz class carrier. This, in order to operate up to 60 combat aircraft and 20 support aircraft (AEW, ECM suppression, tankers and ASW). HMS Prince of Wales is around 60,000 tons and cannot operate fixed wing Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft which are the essential eyes of the fleet.

    Speed. To be an effective tactical platform the carrier should be able to steam at over 30 knots. This the Nimitz CVN’s can do – and for extended ranges due to the nuclear propulsion. HMS Prince of Wales will be powered by gas turbine/electric with a maximum speed of 26 knots – only two knots faster than USN Assault Ships with a cruising speed of between 18 to 20 knots.

    The guided missile destroyers of the Daring class are late and will reach the fleet in reduced numbers. Insufficient as an escort force. The Royal Navy will need to work in conjunction with other navies to be effective.

    Of course this tied in perfectly with what the Europhile traitors have planned for this country. Reliance on a E.U. defence force. Expect the new Anglo French force to operate under the auspices of the Imperial power, the European Union.

    How the mighty have fallen.

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