• Mr. John Terry and Mr. Rio Ferdinand. Role models?


    john-terryrio-ferdinandOf the past few days the popular press have covered the dismissal of Mr. John Terry from his position of captain of the England football team and the appointment of his replacement, Mr. Rio Ferdinand. There has also been detailed coverage (undoubtedly unwanted by both gentlemen and their families) of their private lives – details of which the British Gazette will not venture into.

    Instead the British Gazette will restrict itself to some of the generalities surrounding this situation:

    Firstly, it must be remembered that these two gentlemen are professional footballers. Highly skilled and highly paid professional footballers. Both are multi-millionaires and lead “celebrity lifestyles.”

    Let us also remember what these gentlemen are not: they are not politicians, they have not been elected to public office. They are not in charge of the finances of the nation or of any other public body. They are not trustees of any charity or any other representative organisation.

    This however does not appear to stop the media and the politicians (Mr. Terry’s travails were discussed on BBC 1’s “Question Time” on Thursday 4th February) from stating that Mr Terry (and inter alia, Mr. Ferdinand) were to be regarded as “role models” as many of the nation’s young boys would look to these men as examples on which to model their lives.

    Why? Asks the British Gazette.

    Clearly because so many of this nation’s boys do not have fathers – in the sense that the father was not married to the boy’s mother and does not have any or has only irregular parental contact, or that the mother is no longer in a relationship (which term is used to describe both the state of lawful matrimony and “living together” with the boy’s father) with the said father and the boy having only irregular parental contact.

    Thus should the responsibility for addressing the consequences of the breakdown of this nation’s civil society be placed upon the shoulders of such as Mr. Terry and Mr. Ferdinand?

    The British Gazette thinks not.

    Instead, the responsibility for this very dire state of affairs should be laid at the door of all those liberal (small “l”) politicians and “opinion formers” who from the start of the 1960’s have progressively undermined – either actively or by inaction – this nation’s moral standards. The extent of the nation’s moral decline can be demonstrated by the sad and shocking news that the Education Department of Liverpool city council has seen fit to approve the distribution amongst schools of pregnancy testing kits for girls as young as eleven! Truly, if there was any yardstick by which to measure just how far this nation has sunk it is this.

    It should however be no surprise whatsoever that the treasonous perjurers who are masquerading as the government of this now vassal state of the European Union should seek to shuffle off any and all responsibility and blame for this awful state of affairs onto anybody they can think of – including the unfortunate Mr. Terry.

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