• Kraft Foods – Outlook not promising.


    Kraft Foods have announced the closure of the Somerdale factory in Keynsham near Bristol by 2011. This will mean a loss of up to 400 jobs. Cadbury had planned to close this plant and was in the process of constructing a new factory in Poland. Kraft had pledged to keep it open but have reneged on this pledge.

    This does not bode well for the future. Kraft have announced that they are going to invest in the Bournville site but the British Gazette is not optimistic.

    Readers will be aware that Kraft is a U.S. corporation and as such if there are any savings made on the wage bill you can bet you bottom U.S.$ that American jobs are at the top of the pile.


    Two simple reasons:
    1. The Kraft board are Americans and Americans naturally will want to ensure that Americans come first.
    2. U.S. Congressmen will lobby very powerfully that any job cuts are not borne by their constituents.

    Unlike our pathetic eunuchs, U.S. politicians have real power as their voices are listened to and the U.S.A. is a fully independent sovereign state unlike the E.U. vassal which is the U.K.

    Nothing more eloquently articulated the suzerainty of the U.K. to the E.U. than the sight of Business Secretary Lord Mandelson meeting Dr. Rosenfeld after the takeover was sealed and failing to win a specific commitment on jobs. This was because he had absolutely no power whatsoever. He could only prevail upon her good nature.

    The British Gazette is certain that Dr. Rosenfeld will have received Lord Mandleson with great courtesy and consideration – but would in the most graceful and diplomatic of ways have made it plain to him that he was completely impotent.

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