• An open letter to Nine Barons.


    Lords Browne of Madingly, Giddens, May of Oxford, Oxburgh, Puttnam, Rees of Ludlow, Smith of Finsbury, Stern of Brentford and Richard Lambert of the CBI, following their letter in the Telegraph 10th Feb 2010

    Dear Lords,
    I write to you personally with regard to your letter in the Telegraph 10th Feb.

    Pastor Richard Wurmbrandt spent many years in prison in Romania under the Communists for his faith. He tells* of how he once asked a fellow inmate how he came to be in prison. The man explained he had been arrested for a theft in his village. He was beaten up by the police to make him confess. Then the real culprit was caught. Instead of letting him go the police beat him up some more demanding that he confess to other (fictional) crimes.

    You may wonder about the relevance of this story. It is this. First we humans were accused of causing global warming, and then, when the globe refused to warm, we were accused of causing climate change. Now that we know that humans are not guilty of causing climate change, it seems that those “in authority”, such as yourselves, are still determined that humanity must be guilty of something and continue to “hold us for questioning”.

    It intrigues me that the ’science’ that was declared, by people like yourselves, as “settled” only a few weeks ago, is now to be a matter of “risk analysis” – ie weighing up the probabilities that there might be a problem. It would seem so as to save the faces of those who have the power, but are losing their authority.

    Well let me assure you that the risk analysis is such that it is far more likely that the world will be struck by an asteroid than that humans could in any way cause disastrous climate change.

    Would it not be more honourable to admit that you got it wrong and were misled?

    We could then draw a line under that and set about looking at genuine problems and issues that science could help solve.

    Yours sincerely,

    Philip Foster


    *’In God’s Underground’, R.Wurmbrandt

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