• A blight on our nation.


    Above left is Mr. Kenneth Blight. Above right is Baroness Scotland QC the Attorney General.

    Never was a surname more apt as poor Mr. Blight’s life has been “blighted” by Baroness Scotland for these past several months. And the cause of Mr. Blight’s problems? That he stabbed a drug crazed junkie who was “a real and present danger” to him. The incident occurred on 30th May last year at Mr. Blight’s house in Thornaby on Tees in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Following the altercation – the drug crazed junkie (who was his estranged stepson) being armed with an axe – Mr. Blight was prosecuted by the police and pleaded guilty to the charge of, “wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.” Due to the exceptional circumstances he was given a two-year suspended jail term. Mr. Blight had however spent four and a half months on remand awaiting his trial. After walking from court a free man, Mr. Blight could reasonably have reckoned to put that distressing experience behind him and to get on with his life. In that however poor Mr. Blight failed to reckon with Baroness Scotland.

    You see, our dearly beloved Attorney General thought the sentence “unduly lenient” and pursued Mr. Blight to have his sentence increased. Her efforts – which cost over £30,000 of taxpayer’s money – ended in complete failure today as the Court of Appeal threw out her demand.
    Lord Justice Judge described Mr, Blight as: “….a decent and mild natured man….” And that the original sentence was: “….humane and justifiably merciful….” And: “….this man feared for his life and initially picked up the knife to defend himself….” And: “….he retaliated momentarily and in the most extenuating and exceptional circumstances….” And: “….this was a decent middle-aged man in his own home, goaded beyond endurance by an attack on him with an axe by a much younger man…..” And: “…..This was not an ordinary case – this was an exceptional one…..”

    Nothing could more eloquently articulate, describe or demonstrate the view that this current crew of traitors masquerading as the government have of the British people. And any incoming Tory administration is likely to be no better. If you are an axe wielding junkie, or a man who has “married” several “wives” in religious ceremonies (and has studiously avoided registering any of the same with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages – in order to avoid a prosecution for bigamy) and has many children by this harem – the liberal elite will bend over backward to help you. With well funded rehabilitation programmes for the former and large wads of cash – in the forms of various state benefits – for the latter. If you are an East European visitor – on an extended stay to our shores – please rest assured that you are free to drive your motor vehicle with impunity through our speed trap cameras, and without such trifling (and expensive) nuisances such as insurance, road tax and an MOT certificate – unlike the indigenous motorists.

    If however you are a hard working taxpaying citizen and happen to be particularly unfortunate in two further respects, being an indigenous Briton and being male, then such as Baroness Scotland will have you in her sights should you ever transgress her politically correct boundaries.

    As a patriotic gentlemen in Huntingdon once remarked: “….it is as if they [the politically correct Europhile establishment] have declared war on the people….”

    But of course. That is what High Treason is.

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