• Farewell global warming?


    ‘Fraid not we are sorry to say. However, Tory MP Peter Ainsworth had decided to step down at the upcoming general election. Since the man is a dedicated “global warmist” this is no bad thing.

    His constituency, Surrey East is slap bang in the middle of the Home Counties “stockbroker belt” so it is not surprising that it is the 6th safest Tory seat in the country.

    The local Tories however are dismayed. This is because Cameron has issued “emergency powers” so he himself can decided who goes on the short list. So much for local democracy then.
    The list includes a Muslim businessman, a black businessman, an internet blogger who is “gay” and three women – one of which is a lawyer and another who works for the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat, a.k.a. the BBC.

    Of course many of the local party members – who had been loyal supporters for years and had raised large sums to support the party feel that they have been “kicked in the teeth” by the high handed Cameron.

    The British Gazette therefore gives them this advice:

    Don’t take this arrogance lying down. Instead, leave the Tory party and set up your own little local party – possibly calling it, “Surrey East Real Conservatives” then select your own candidate and stand on your own principals. If you find the right man – or woman – who is local, has served in local politics for years and who is known and respected throughout the constituency you might be in with a chance. You never know, Liberal and Labour voters might vote tactically for your candidate.

    The most important thing to remember however is that at the end of the day it does not really matter since the European Union is responsible for well over two thirds of the laws in this country so it is very much a case of “tweedle dum and tweedle dee.”

    But do try and select someone who is not convinced that the planet is headed for destruction!

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