• Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee.

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    Some say, compar’d to Brown
    Cameron is but a moaning minny
    Others aver, in that Cameron can handle
    Whereas Brown’s unfit to hold a Candle
    Strange all this Difference should be
    Twixt Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee!

    After John Byrom (1692-1763)

    Gordon Brown, the man masquerading as the Prime Minster of one of Her Majesty’s sovereign realms has pledged to keep Britain “in Europe’s mainstream” if re-elected this year and has criticised David Cameron for his apparent Eurosceptic stance and said: “As long as I remain prime minister, Britain will stay firmly in Europe’s mainstream, never in its backwaters, and we will resist the attempts of the Conservatives to pull Britain into isolation.”

    Brown then accused the Conservatives of “….narrow nationalism….”

    If only that were true. But the depressing truth is that it is not. Brown’s statement is a lie, and he knows it. The depressing fact is this: the “main parties” have stitched it up between them. There is an agreement between all three that the UK will stay in the EU. That means that Brussels gets to legislate two thirds of the laws that govern us.

    Of course that does not prevent the three main parties from fighting like ferrets in a sack over the remaining third legislated in Westminster.

    Of course, the result of the election could be a hung parliament with the Liberal Democrats holding “the balance of power” This of course will present Cameron with an opportunity to obtain the premiership. However the Lib-Dem’s price will be electoral reform. The result will be fudge.

    The British Gazette’s advice?

    The British Gazette is now of the opinion that British Voters should “do something different” and “send a signal” to the establishment that following the formal handover of the government of this country to a foreign power – the European Union – that took place with the coming into effect of the Lisbon Treaty.

    The British Gazette therefore would urge all Britons to go along to their polling station on election day, present their polling cards, collect their ballot papers and then walk out of the polling station without voting. Do not worry – this is completely legal. We then suggest they send it to HM The Queen advising her that since they do not wish to partake in an act of treason – by voting for a party pledged to continue with the unlawful subjugation of this formerly sovereign realm to the European Union and are therefore sending their ballot paper to her as proof that they have not taken part in the same.

    We suggest the following text:

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
    Buckingham Palace
    SW1A 1AA

    Date: As Postmark.

    Your Majesty,

    Please find enclosed/attached [delete as appropriate] my attached unused ballot paper for the recent election.

    Please accept this as evidence that I have not participated into what effectively constitutes an act of treason as it is to elect a parliament that is to carry on the government of your realm under the suzerainty and edicts of a foreign power, the European Union.

    This is because the Lisbon Treaty has given the European Union its own legal personality and has created therefore a supranational entity that is recognised in its own right as an international power with lawful sovereign rights over its members.

    This of course is in complete violation of the oath you took at your coronation on 2nd June 1953 to govern us according to our laws and customs. In addition, your government, all of whom have taken an oath as Privy Councillors to ensure that no foreign prince potentate or power to have precedence in this land, are now guilty of perjury – as well as High Treason for having persuaded you to “govern in a peculiar way.”

    Had I voted, it would have caused me to commit the felony offence of “imagining the death of the sovereign” – which as one of your law abiding citizens I am not minded to do!

    Yours sincerely,

    [Your signature, name and address]

    • There’s no point in sending the ballot paper to the queen.

      Either she’s surrounded by the sycophants who pat her wrist and assure her that everything’s hunky-dory and she won’t get the paper or know that it was sent.

      Or she’s completely on their side and has discounted her Coronation Vows completely.

      Much as I am a monarchist and would prefer to believe the first option I’m horribly afraid she’s just opting for the easy way out. That, after all, is human nature. At her age and with her income and knowing that her family is as well provided-for as may be – subject to the whims of the politicians – it seems likely that she’s bowed to their demands and promises.

      I don’t trust the Tories’ weasel words one little bit and the only party we have left with apparently the right aims is UKIP. If supporting that is all that’s available, so be it. The alternative is civil war and I fully expect to look over the edge of my cloud one day and have a grandstand seat!

      If only I had paid more attention when I had some get-up-and-go and fire in my belly, instead of concentrating on the family and the mortgage!

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