• Lance Sergeant Donna Rayment – a pyrrhic victory.


    Yesterday, a judge awarded damages of £6,983 to Donna Rayment for unfair dismissal from the Honourable Artillery Company. It appears that Ms. Rayment – a single mother claimed that had caused a psychiatric injury called “adjustment disorder”. This was said to be a result from soldiers putting pictures of naked women in their barracks!

    Eee By Gum! Lets go to the foot of our steps!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as they say in the West Riding)

    As taxpayers we ought to be relieved as Ms. Rayment had earlier rejected an out of court offer of £60,000!

    The British Gazette however wishes to give credit where credit is due. Ms. Rayment has donated her damages award to the service charity “Help For Heros” – Very well done!

    This case of course begs certain questions:

    How naive can some women be? If a woman joins such as the British Army what does she expect? Get real.

    If so completely naive a female applies to join the army, cannot the recruiters suggest that army life may not be for her?

    • You are very wrong about the porn pictures, They were actual photos of women also a photo of a young girl under the age of 16 years old.

      So you think its right that these photos should be displayed in the Army then you are as guilty as the person who took these photos especially the under age photos!!

      It was the Army welfare who informed me to report this also the RBL who advised me to go to a solicitor.

      There is much more to my case which you have failed to state

      kind regards

      Donna Rayment

    • For one so obviously ill suited to army life what on earth were the selectors thinking of in the first place? I hope they are not under any “quota” pressure.

      I see that Chorus sort of figured in PMQs today, hmm.

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