• Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland

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    Words fail us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland shows how insignificant we are as a species when it comes to altering the planet’s climate. The Greenies however seem not to be disabused of their foolish notions. It seems that some so called “scientists” suggest that the changing global climate could make Icelandic eruptions more common: “As Iceland’s glaciers thin, their weight upon the island’s volcanoes will lighten, making it easier for magma to rise from the earth’s depths….” they say.

    Words fail us!!!!!!!!

    A kindergarten class would not spout such inane codswallop!!!!!!!!!

    • As airline operators openly accuse the British Government of over-reaction when they issued a blanket ban on all flights, it should be borne in mind that the real reason for the ban had little to do with volcanic ash; we can fly above, around, or over that.

      But Iceland’s erupting volcano was the perfect excuse to ban all aircraft flights, which would mean that Brown’s insane and reckless pledge to cut CO2 emissions by more than anyone else could now be achieved.

      Only a lunatic or a thief would impose taxes on CO2 emissions. There has been no acceleration of global warming during the last 1500 years, just a gradual recovery from the last mini ice-age. The gradual warming of the planet ended during the 1990’s and we are slowly sinking into another ice-age. We can only pray that it will be another mini-ice-age and not one that will wipe out most if not all of mankind.

      Further, CO2 does not cause global warming, that’s a matter of public record. Even the Government’s own scientists were forced to concede that the 650,000 year-old ice-cores show that CO2 levels lag 800 – 2,000 years behind rises in global temperatures.

      As for man’s one third of one per-cent of the total CO2 emissions being responsible for climate change, that’s an absurdity that only a thief or politician (there’s no real difference between them) would claim.

      Never believe a word Gordon Brown says, because not once has his governments actions matched their promises.

      The Greens want to bankrupt industry world wide and cull humanity to a level of 4 million or less. They say so openly, killing you, your wife and family will be worth it, if it saves a newt, or so they claim.

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