• Occupation of the Channel Islands, July 2010


    Spot the difference: The man on the right sent his troops into the Channel Islands in July 1940. Seventy years later, the man on the left is preparing to send troops into the Channel Islands in July 2010.

    Excuse me? We hear you say. Has the British Gazette taken leave of their senses? You ask.

    Not quite, although the strain of having to listen to the continuing drivel from “climate change” activists is having a debilitating effect we admit.

    You will have noted the various comments in the media that the politicians are not “coming clean” about what they have in store for us to try and resolve that “little local difficulty” of the one trillion pounds of debt they have gone and lumbered us all with. We all know that taxes are going to go up and public spending is going to go down – at the same time. Anybody who doesn’t think that has obviously been on the Planet Venus.

    There is one particular reason why the Liberal Democrats – who look set to form a coalition government with Labour in a week’s time – are being cagey. It is the same reason why your cat does not announce its intention to the mouse it is stalking – both (your cat and Mr. Clegg) want to catch their prey. Whilst your cat has its eyes on a mouse Mr. Clegg has his eyes on all those rich people living in the Channel Islands and on the Isle of Man.

    You will recall that Clegg has been dropping hints – making the tax system fairer and taxing the rich. This plan is being co-ordinated at the European level. For a long time, Die Fuhrerin (Frau Doktor Angela Merkel) has been annoyed at the existence of tax havens in Europe and is intent on eliminating them. The ones she has her eyes firmly fixed upon are the Principality of Liechtenstein (which lies between Austria and Switzerland) and Monaco on the Mediterranean. Her lieutenants Der Bundeskanzler Herr Werner Faymann (Austria) and Nicolas Sarkozy (France) will send their forces in probably at around the same time.

    Of course, the net effects will amount to less than what is hoped as these offshore centres actually produce a net benefit for the UK. But then that will be to miss the point. You see to prop up the Euro and to pay off our debts the British people are going to find Fiscal Year 2010-2011 and onwards very unpleasant. It always helps however if the people can be shown that there are others being punished more severely.

    How does Clegg propose to do this? Well in the case of the Isle of Man it will mean the repeal of Acts of Parliament from the 19th century and the implementation of “direct rule”. In the case of the Channel Islands it will probably mean an act of annexation incorporating those last parts of the Duchy of Normandy into the United Kingdom. Theoretically the French Republic could object but this is simply not going to happen – “she who must be obeyed” remember.

    What compensation will be offered to the islanders? Half a dozen MPs at Westminster is the probable answer. This will be a considerable over representation compared to an English constituency as the Bailiwick of Jersey has a population of approx. 91,626, the Bailiwick of Guernsey has a population of approx. 65,573 and the Isle of Man has a population of approx. 80,085. In comparison, the parliamentary constituency in which the British Gazette is based, Leeds North East has a population of approx. 88,000.

    Since these territories ARE NOT PART OF THE EU and are going to be FORCIBLY INCORPORATED WITHIN THE EU – this is of historic importance. Of course as Eurorealists we need hardly point out to Herr Clegg that he will be part of an unlawful administration and an unlawful parliament – but then the small matter of HIGH TREASON does not seem to worry him.

    • Whys does no one call a spade a spade any more. Kinnock, Blair and Brown are British Traitors, liars and thieves.

      Kinnock approached the head of the Russian State and asked for help to overthrow Margaret Thatcher and allegedly handed Gorbachev an envelope containing details of our nuclear weapons.

      All three are members of the Fabian Society, a communist think tank that preaches subversion by infiltration and stealth.

      It was not by accident Brown wrecked our economy, used immigration to disenfranchise the British from their own lands, as China did in Tibet.

      The EU is an unlawful assembly with less legal authority than my cat, and I do not possess a cat.

      Once Denmark voted NO, the EU State ceased to exist, and nothing can change that. We are not members of the EU and only liars, scoundrels and traitors would argue differently.

      We should bar the making of any payments to the EU, deport all foreign national criminals to Brussels, along with most of our judiciary and politicians.

    • Could be a lot worse! When the Euro jackboots of occupation arrive, these tax havens will eventually become “dependant territories” and qualify for Euro handouts. Double whammy! The EU member state lose once. Britain – as usual – loses twice. The C.I. and the I.o.M become richer than ever and that’s where I’ll retire.

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