• General Election 2010 – What a shambles!


    The above video is of voters being turned away in Hackney, London. The electoral commission are saying that they will launch an investigation. Well, to quote Mandy Rice-Davis, “they would say that wouldn’t they.” Clearly the electoral commission are part of the problem along with incompetent local authority staff. Let’s face it: This is a national humiliation. Given these chaotic scenes, the British Gazette would wish to state that so far as its proposals for constitutional reform in the U.K. is concerned, there could be no question of making voting compulsory if the present electoral organisation is kept.

    So far as the election result is concerned, “confused” would be a good way of describing the situation. Given that three quarters of the laws affecting the UK are made in Brussels one is tempted to say the the “hanged parliament” at Westminster is “a little local difficulty.” The trouble is that there is a small matter of the £1,000,000,000,000 we owe.

    The historian Simon Sharma when interviewed by the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat suggested that there was only one solution, a Con-Lib coalition. The British Gazette thinks that as unlikely a prospect as a romance between Sarah Palin and Barak Obama. This is because Herr Clegg will demand the one thing that Squire Cameron will not give – Proportional Representation.

    At this point we would refer readers back to the article of 3rd May, 2010 – A Nation Betrayed. Now the results are coming in we fear that this is now a distinct possibility. This is because it is as the British Gazette suggested, Scotland has voted one way. England another. The Tories have a majority in England. Were Scotland to secede, Cameron would have his majority and a good chance of forming majority governments in the future. The problem for Cameron is that he would have to let Scotland walk away from a significant share of the UK sovereign debt. The position for Gordon, the Laird of Kirkcaldy is hardly rosier. If Labour is to stay in power an alliance with the Lib-Dem’s is not going to be enough. They will have to make deals with the nationalists and both the Scots and the Welsh have said that they are not going to enter into a coalition and will want their nations to be protected from the inevitable public spending cuts whilst the English will be made to suffer. The Laird will know that such a situation will be political suicide.

    Of course, there is always the option of yet another general election. This is an option that might be figuring prominently in the mind of Squire Cameron. Cameron may be well advised to make or offer no deals and let the other parties face the chaos that could ensue. If a Lib-Lab coalition government collapses in fiscal chaos the Tories may consider that they could then form a majority government. The one thing that Cameron should be aware of is that the very first thing on the legislative agenda of such a coalition with be Proportional Representation as this alone will ensure the continued survival of the Lib-Lab coalition. Cameron’s problem is that only the Tories and the Ulster unionist parties are the ones supporting the present First Past the Post System.

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