• Election 2010: What happens next?

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    The above is an image many will remember for the “Winter of Discontent”

    As the Tories and Lib-Dems haggle, there is a huge amount of speculation as to what is likely to happen if these two parties do happen to cobble together an alliance whether in the form of formal coalition or a “confidence and supply” basis.

    Strangely enough, Cameron may be considering taking a leaf out of the book of the late and unlamented arch-traitor Heath. Remember how Heath lost office? Faced with a large scale strike Heath went to the country and asked the electorate, “Who governs Britain?” The electorate gave their answer. The TUC and the Labour Party was returned to office.

    Faced with nightmarish problems, Cameron may well put through dramatic cost savings – which are needed. Were such measures to bring about widespread industrial unrest from public sector workers Cameron may well seize the opportunity to “go to the country.”

    He will probably consider this a “win-win” scenario. If he wins with a thumping majority he will have his mandate and will have no more need for the Lib-Dems. If he looses then he hands the Labour Party or a Lib-Lab coalition a poison chalice.

    The danger with this scenario however was that if there was a Lib-Lab pact PR would be put on the statute book and the Tories would never again be able to form a majority government.

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