• Zut alors!!! L’euro, l’dénouement.


    The 750 billion Euro (a trillion U.S. $) deal reached by Eurozone finance ministers to support a Eurozone is a HUGE gamble. Consider this: You are in a poker game. You are asked raise. You do so. By mortgaging your house and putting all the money from your building society accounts into the pot. On a turn of a card? Like the idea?

    If this fails and it could then we are ALL in trouble. Big trouble!

    Clearly, the E.U. leaders are trying to preserve the Eurozone in its present form. What would a sensible set of politicians do? Cut their coat according to their cloth. Adopt the British Gazette’s proposals made on the 1st April, 2010 entitled: “The European Union: Setting achievable goals.”

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