• A marriage made in hell?

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    Lynne Featherstone and John Redwood – cabinet colleagues?

    The Whig statesman and man of letters, the Rt. Hon. the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, K.G., P.C. famously commented upon the act of union between man and wife as “…..the pleasure momentary, the position ridiculous and the price damnable…..” This quote lends itself precisely to a Con-Lib alliance. One wonders what particular gem of wit he would give upon the present circumstances.

    The plain fact is that this marriage will not survive the strains of Europe. The plain simple fact of the matter is that the Con-Lib alliance is “what it states” – a Con.

    • I’d guess that “any” women who found herself in a relationship with Spock would find the experience very hellish indeed, Redwood comes across as a man totally devoid of any charm or capacity for fun at all.
      I’d imagine the women in question would spend her honeymoon laying in bed beside John as he got off on the latest deregulation, “what do you mean dear? how can you find double entry book-keeping boring? this is our wedding night to me this is foreplay…..

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