• Democracy VERSUS Stability: The argument of Dictators.


    Under the proposals of the Dear Leader, Cool Dave, the 55% needed to dissolve the Commons has been explained as being needed to ensure stability!!!!

    Why 55% the reader asks. Simple: If the Lib-Dems “jump ship” the Tories will be left with 47% of the seats in the Commons. This means that the votes of the other parties combined total 53%. Hence, Cool Dave wishes to raise the hurdle a further 2%!!!!! Incredible!!!

    • I do not recall voting for a Liberal-Conservative Party, I personally regard Liberals as tree hugging lunatics who regard criminals as victims.

      As for Cameron-the-Clueless, if he had not reneged on his ‘cast iron promises’ he would have reached and could even have amassed more than the 326 seats he required.

      His EU sceptics have been banished from Cameron’s Camelot and yet . . . Zach Goldsmith, he of the deep pockets and who is about to wed she of the even deeper handbag, has a vested interest in pushing the anthropogenic global warming lie; because it was his grandfather who started the nonsense of man made global warming, and Zach’s family and the one he’s marrying into, are making a fortune out of the phony Carbon Trading Credits.

      CO2 does not cause global warming, that is a matter of public record but the swindlers will continue to destroy the ability for British companies to compete by imposing taxes on harmless CO2 emissions; and what’s more they will be laughing all the way to the bank, which they own.

    • Why stop at 55%? Why bother at all? Such a waste of time this democracy stuff.

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