• Sharia Law: What they don’t want you to know.


    The above video demonstrates what the politically correct elite in this country know but refuse to publicly acknowledge.

    They utter sycophantic platitudes along the lines of Islam is a religion of peace. They utterly refuse to acknowledge the source of the problem as they know there is little they can do to stop a civli war breaking out in this country in twenty or thirty years time.

    Many will declare that the problem is Islam.

    That however is too shallow an answer. Look deeper into the problem and the source of the problem is clear: Time.

    Time in the sense that many in the Islamic community in the UK have attitudes similar to those of our ancestors in the middle ages had. Our ancestors were Christian. They were the ones who went on the Crusades. The problem we have in the UK today is two communities. One is the secular post industrial society that are the descendants of those Crusaders. The others include Muslims of largely Pakistani and Middle Eastern ancestry who have fundamentally different world views. Both regard the other as an anathema and as the embodiment of pure evil. That is a recipe for civil war.

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