• Who and what the voters of Brighton Pavilion voted for:


    Dr. Caroline Patricia Lucas, PhD.

    Date of Birth: 9th December 1960
    Place of Birth: Malvern, Worcestershire
    Lifestyle: Married, two teenagers. Vegetarian.

    Curriculum Vitae:
    * BA (First Class Honours.) English Literature, Exeter University (1980-1983)
    * Scholarship, University of Kansas (1983-1984)
    * Diploma in Journalism (1987)
    * Ph.D (English and Women’s Studies), University of Exeter (1985-1989)
    * National press officer, Green Party (1987-1989)
    * Oxfam: press officer (1989-1991)
    * Communications officer, Asia Desk (1991-1994)
    * Policy adviser on trade and the environment (1994-1997)
    * Team leader for trade and investment (1998-1999)
    * Policy adviser on trade and investment, Department for International Development (1997-1998)

    * Co-Chair, Green Party National Council (1989-1990)
    * General election speaker (1991-1992)
    * Member, Party Regional Council (1997-1999)
    * Principal Speaker (2003- )
    * Member of the European Parliament (since 1999)
    * Vice-President, ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (1999-2003)
    * Advisory Board Member: International Forum on Globalisation
    * Centre for a Social Europe
    * Trustee, Radiation Research Trust
    * Patron, Joliba Trust (Africa), Matron, Women’s Environmental Network
    * President, UNA West Oxfordshire Branch

    At about 6am on Friday 7th May, when, in a hall on the cold seafront, Green party leader Dr. Caroline Lucas was declared MP for Brighton Pavilion, with a 1,200 majority. A common description of her party – is that it’s like a watermelon: green on the outside, red inside:

    Judge for yourselves – herewith some of the contents of the Green manifesto (British Gazette comments in bold):
    - The maximum wage in any company/business can be no higher than 10 times the lowest (Impractical)
    - A maximum 55mph on motorways (Only practical if “penalty points” are abolished for speeding)
    - Everyone to receive a citizen’s income, whether they are working or not (Unaffordable as well as unworkable)
    - Heroin should be available to addicts on the NHS (this policy should be called voluntary euthanasia)
    - The needs of refugees should be prioritised over the economy (this policy should be called “how to elect a BNP government”)

    And one which Caroline managed to keep out of the manifesto:
    - An NHS for pets (Barmy)
    On this Caroline says. “Right now the issues are around the economy, around the Green new deal, around social justice and fairness – and when the time is appropriate, the animal rights stuff as well.”

    • As a Brightonian I’d rather have Caroline as my MP than any of the main parties automatons, as your no doubt aware the above green policies have a zero chance of ever becoming law, even locally.
      I’d rather have an MP with their own mind and the freedom to speak as she finds, obviously a majority of Brighton pavilion voters feel the same way.

    • It says a lot about Brighton!

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