• The Chandlers: the torture continues.


    The above is a TV report from Channel Four News earlier this evening. The British Gazette has reported on the Chandlers on the 22nd November, 2009, the 12th December, 2009 and the 31st January 2010. Throughout the British Gazette supported the last government’s stance and welcomes the decision by the new government to continue it. This is hard we know on the Chandlers, their friends and family. Many will be heard to coment: “That is alright for you to say that, sat in the safety of your office in Leeds. You would not take the same attitude if you were in the Chandler’s position….”
    Of course not. If a man with a handgun put it to our heads we would say that the European Union is the most wonderful political entity ever created by man and that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was the undisputed font of all wisdom on its topic. The fact is that if one pays the Danegeld, one never is rid of the Dane.

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