• Rolls Royce: Edward Heath: At least he did one thing right.

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    The British Gazette is a strong critic Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat but now and then when our enemies do a good job we should be magnanimous and give credit where credit is due. In this article the British Gazette not only gives credit to the BBC but also to the arch traitor, Edward Heath.

    Yesterday evening between 9:00PM and 10:00PM, BBC2 screened the fly on the wall documentary, “How to build a Jumbo Jet Engine”. This programme followed an earlier documentary last week which had shown the skill and expertise of the people of Barrow-in-Furness in Cumberland building the latest class of nuclear submarines for the Royal Navy. This week the programme was about Rolls Royce and the large “Trent” turbofan engines that power a large number of large modern commercial airliners. Winston Churchill, in commenting at the Mansion House on the scuttling of the German commerce raider Graf Spee off Montevideo in 1939 had said the news “warmed the cockles of the British heart.” Well we are sure that for those who watched last night’s programme about a British company and British workers producing a world class product – gloriously named after the River Trent – will have been heart warming stuff. This however was only made possible when Heath acted properly in nationalising the bankrupt company in February 1971.

    Had Heath not had acted so we all know the outcome: General Electric and Pratt & Witney of the USA would have had a virtual monopoly on such engines and all those skilled jobs we saw last night would have been in America.

    • good to read the gazette again Peter and an excellent article. Speaking as one who has flown both (from the “front end”) I would gently pick you up on one point. You state that a failure of the company would have resulted in “virtual monopoly on such engines “. In my opinion the others do not compare sufficiently well to be afforded the credit that “such engines” could imply!
      Yes, it was an excellent programme.Yes, Rolls produce outstanding engines and I always look for them…BEFORE boarding!!!

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