• Failure to display: £150 million fine.

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    Patriots will greet the news that the country will now have £150,000,000 less to spend on such as the NHS as a result of a failure to display the EU flag with great anger. But if we allow our country to be ruled by a foreign power, what should we expect?

    It is a characteristic of conquering and/or Imperial powers that their own flags and symbols are displayed in the territories of their vassals. It should therefore come as no surprise that the commissioners of the never to be sufficiently damned abomination that is the European Union have fined the previously independent sovereign state that was the United Kingdom £150,000,0000 for failing to fly the Golden Garrotte (a.k.a the EU flag) over so called EU funded projects. That the UK renders tribute to the evil empire many times that which she gets back is of course of no consequence to the commissioners and their servants in Brussels who deem the tribute theirs.

    Of course, should be surprised that not a squeak of protest has come from “Call me Dave” Cameron? Of course not. Do you remember the European Constitution and its replacement, the Lisbon Treaty? Do you recall the Europhiles making great play that references to the EU flag had been removed from the [Lisbon] text?

    This of course goes to show what British Gazette readers know so well:
    That there are liars, damned liars and Europhile liars.

    • It’s not too long ago that we were fined a similar amount, because the EU suspected that Great Britain was responsible for general dissatisfaction with the EU, in Europe.

      No doubt, Dopey Dave, will pay up, while thanking the EU idiots, for the privilege of being fined.

      When, will England ever find a leader with backbone, instead of these liberal, hug a hoody, overgrown schoolkids?

      Sod the EU, and its flag.

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