• The Knight XV: the car Tony [Blair] should drive ?

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    Despised for handing even more of our county to the rule of the never to be sufficiently damned abomination, the European Union, and now despised by the Americans for his dealings with Libya’s Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, Blair may well fell in need of some vehicular security. Well for £650,000 he can get his hands on a “spec’d up” version of the Knight XV. “XV” stands for extreme vehicle, and we are sure readers will agree that virtually everything about the Knight XV is extreme.

    As you can see from the image above, the XV actually dwarfs the Hummer H2!!!!

    Copies of two of the manufacturer’s press releases are below the two embedded videos.
    British Gazette comment: For all the man hours that must have gone into designing and developing this monster, the manufacturer initially appeared to have fallen at the first hurdle: the choice of engine!!! A 6760 cc (413 cu in) petrol engine was precisely the WRONG engine for this type of vehicle. For two reasons: a vehicle of this size needs torque as well as power. A powerful diesel engine gives that. Furthermore, petrol is the WRONG choice for an armoured vehicle. The less flammable diesel is THE fuel to choose. This error appears to have been partly recognised by the company who now offer a diesel version. Notwithstanding this, the British Gazette suggests an alternative powerplant that in its humble opinion is the best choice for this vehicle: Audi’s V12 TDI found in the Q7 off roader. Its specs are: 5,934 cc (362.1 cu in) V12 twin turbo 500 PS (368 kW; 493 hp) @ 3750 RPM, 1,000 Nm Torque (738 ft lbs) @ 1750-3250 RPM.



    Las Vegas, Nevada, November 4, 2008 – Conquest Vehicles Inc., the Toronto-based company that specializes in the design & manufacture of fully armoured, ultra-luxurious, handcrafted sport utility vehicles has unveiled its flagship vehicle, the KNIGHT XV™ at the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas, announced William Maizlin, President, Conquest Vehicles, Inc.

    Inspired by the Gurkha military vehicle, the KNIGHT XV™ is an ultra-luxurious handcrafted, Bio-fuel powered fully armoured SUV. The KNIGHT XV™ is powered by a V10, 6.8-litre engine and sits on a commercial class chassis. It provides 400 hp and 498 ft lbs of torque.

    The KNIGHT XV™ is priced at $295,000 USD. Only 100 will be made available as a limited first run. Each vehicle takes 1,500 hours to build by hand.

    “Our goal with the KNIGHT XV™ is to deliver an ownership experience that is unrivalled in today’s marketplace. The KNIGHT XV™ offers the very best in security and luxury while ensuring that the environment is positively impacted when the vehicle is on the road,” said Maizlin.

    The KNIGHT XV™ offers interior appointments including Wilton Wool luxury carpeting; Andrew Muirhead leather; 6-way electric leather boardroom-style seating; Tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades; Personal side-mounted lap top stations; LED cabin lighting; Alpine AM, FM, CD, DVD navigation and Bluetooth equipment; TV Monitors; Night vision and rear op camera system and Playstation 3 (PS3). The cabin’s 283-cubic-foot interior is larger than the interior of most SUV’s on the road today and can comfortably seat six professional basketball players.

    “We believe that the combination of the secure exterior appointments and ultra-luxurious interior will appeal to high-profile individuals with discriminate tastes that place security and luxury at the top of their list when it comes to acquiring a bespoke luxury vehicle,” said Maizlin.

    The KNIGHT-XV™ is built using ballistic hardened steel making it fully armoured including ballistic fiberglass fenders, bumper and up to 64 mm. (2.5 inches) transparent armour (glass).

    The KNIGHT XV™ is 240″ in length, 98″ in width with a ground clearance of 14″ and stands at 100″. It’s wheelbase is 141″ and has an armoured curb weight of 10,000 pounds. The vehicle holds 40 gallons of fuel and sits on four, LT40X13.50R20 Mickey Thompson Baja Radial ATZ tires with ballistic run flats.

    Additionally, the KNIGHT XV™ contains an E-85 Ethanol conversion system (Flex Fuel) with California emission certification, thereby making it certified in all 50 States.

    “We designed this vehicle with three goals in mind. To provide the ultimate in security and luxury while ensuring the vehicle is environmentally friendly,” said Maizlin.

    About Conquest Vehicles Inc.

    Conquest Vehicles Inc., specializes in the design and manufacturing of ultra-luxurious, fully armored, handcrafted sport utility vehicles. The company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is comprised of the automotive industry’s most respected talent whose award-winning experience in engineering, fabrication, design, armoring and customization combine to create one-of-a-kind SUV’s unrivalled and unmatched in today’s automotive marketplace. Conquest Vehicles Inc., also provides auto customization and after-market design for luxury vehicles.

    Company Introduction.

    Conquest Vehicles Inc., specializes in the design and manufacturing of ultra-luxurious, fully armoured, handcrafted sport utility vehicles. The company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is comprised of the automotive industry’s most respected talent whose award-winning experience in engineering, fabrication, design, armouring and customization combine to create one-of-a-kind SUV’s unrivalled and unmatched in today’s automotive marketplace.

    With the introduction of the KNIGHT XV, the company’s first ultra-luxurious, fully armoured, environmentally respectful handcrafted SUV, Conquest Vehicles Inc., is setting a new benchmark in the global security and ultraluxury SUV marketplace.

    Conquest Vehicle Inc.’s flagship vehicle, the KNIGHT XV defines the future of the ultra-luxurious, handcrafted fully armoured SUV. This one-of-a-kind, V10, 6.8-litre, Bio-fuel powered SUV was inspired by the Gurkha military vehicle and features security appointments that are unrivaled in today’s SUV marketplace. The KNIGHT-XV is an armoured vehicle and not a vehicle that has been armoured. This means that unlike most vehicles that are armoured after-market, the KNIGHT XV is manufactured using military-grade armouring materials and technique. The innovative and incomparable KNIGHT XV takes approximately 1,500 hours to hand build. The production of the KNIGHT XV will be limited to 100 vehicles.

    Exterior Appointments.

    The KNIGHT XV is built using ballistic hardened steel, making it fully armoured including ballistic fibreglass fenders/bumpers and up to 64 mm (2 and a 1/2 inches) transparent armour (glass).

    Ballistic Run-flat tyre system:
    Tyres and Rims: 40″ tires with specialized custom designed and engineered 20″ rims that utilize forged 6061 aluminium – the same used on commercial aircraft landing gear. The outer flange was reinforced to exceed to four times the normal impact testing required for standard wheels. Coupled with its ballistic run flat tye system it creates the pinnacle of safety in tyre and wheel system exceeding anything on the market today.

    Our ASC Ballistic Run-Flat System:
    Our ballistic run flat system is custom build for the KNIGHT XV vehicle by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. This lightweight, high strength tyre insert adds a real measure of safety and performance to the KNIGHT XV vehicle (for more information please visit our website: http://conquestvehicles.com/).

    Interior Appointments
    Interior features:
    • Wilton Wool luxury carpeting
    • Andrew Muirhead luxury leather
    • Spacious extended interior
    • Leather 6 way electric conference seating
    • Tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades
    • Personal side mounted lap top stations
    • LED cabin lighting
    • Alpine AM,FM,CD,DVD Navigation and Blue tooth equipment
    • TV monitors
    • Night vision** FLIR PathfindIR Thermal imaging Camera (front & back) with rear op camera system
    • PlayStation 3® (PS3) gaming console
    • Cabin’s interior: 283-cubic-feet

    ** FLIR PathFindIR is standard equipment on all Knight XV vehicles sold in North America.

    Knight XV Specifications
    Length 240″ (6096 mm)
    Width 98″ (2489 mm)
    Ground clearance 14″ (355 mm)
    Height 100″ (2540 mm)
    The KNIGHT XV is built on a Ford F350 commercial platform chassis (making parts easily accessible globally)
    Engine: 6.8L V10 gas power plant with E-85 Ethanol Conversion system – Flex Fuel with California emission (making it certified in all 50 US States). Flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) are designed to run on gasoline or a blend of up to 85% ethanol (E85).
    Horsepower: 400 HP and torque 498 ft lbs.
    4 X 4: Four wheel drive with locking hubs 4.30 ratio limited slip differential transmission: 5-speed automatic
    Brakes: Four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes
    Wheelbase: 141″ (3576 mm)
    GVWR: 13,000lbs (5,896 kg)
    Armoured Curb Weight: The finished vehicle weight is approximately 10,000 lbs. (4,545 kg)
    Fuel tank: 40 gallons (US) (151Litres)
    Air conditioning: Factory Air conditioning
    Tires: Four LT40X13.50R20 Mickey Thompson Baja Radial ATZ with ballistic run flats
    Vehicle armour: The armour specifications as well as the levels of armour are available upon request.


    Toronto, Canada., December 9, 2009 – Conquest Vehicles Inc, the Toronto-based company that produces the Knight XV, a fully armoured, ultra-luxurious, handcrafted sport utility vehicle, has announced it has added over 60 new security and luxury upgrades and options to its flagship vehicle, said William Maizlin, President of Conquest Vehicles.

    Conquest Vehicles now offers buyers a plethora of new luxury upgrades and options on the Knight XV including electronic touch handles, hand crafted billet aluminum and leather steering wheel and shifter handle, retractable custom flat screen television, TracVision satellite system, ultra suede seating and an electrostatic window tinting system, to name a few.

    “Our clients have impeccable taste when acquiring a hand made vehicle. Our goal is to offer as many new, cutting-edge and top-of-the-line luxury and security options as possible in the Knight XV,” said Maizlin.

    The company has also created a new, high-level security upgrade and options platform for the Knight XV that includes a built-in oxygen survival kit, under vehicle magnetic attachment detection system, multiple armoring levels, under vehicle blast protection system and a black box system.

    In addition to Conquest Vehicle’s luxury and security upgrades to the Knight XV, the company has also added other production and design upgrade options including a turbo charger package; commercial grade multi link air ride suspension system; a custom made braking system consisting of 15 ½” vented 2-piece front rotors with high performance 12 piston billet calipers; carbon fiber instrument panel; Diesel engine; 24-inch vehicle extension package; right-hand drive conversion package.

    Since launching at SEMA in 2008, the (US) $489,000 Knight XV has quickly gained popularity as a go-to vehicle for high-net worth individuals, professional athletes, government officials and heads of corporations around the globe. The Knight XV was recently featured on the November 2009 cover of DUB Magazine with the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard, who is the first NBA player to acquire a Knight XV.

    “We believe that we have created an entirely new niche in the bespoke luxury armoured vehicle marketplace with the Knight XV. What’s amazing is that despite the economy, we are seeing a surge in sales due to the unique offering of our product coupled with the fact that there are no other vehicles on the market today that offers the security, luxury and performance in a bespoke vehicle like that of the Knight XV,” said Maizlin.

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