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    Derek Bennett has kindly given us permission to reproduce the lead article of the Eurorealist as a British Gazette article, below:

    Those who care little for their freedoms or civil liberties are usually the ones to repeat the clapped out, over-used and tired old mantra: ‘If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear’. Sadly, in this day and age of out of control dictatorial governments and officials seeking to increase power and influence for themselves, you always have something to fear.

    You have to fear being falsely accused, as many are these days, and having to face up to an over mighty state legal bureaucracy, less than scrupulous police plus other enforcement agencies working to meet their targets rather than handing out fair justice. We also fear being watched and monitored wherever we go and inadvertently doing something that may bring the might of the state down upon us – and now we have to fear the EU even more than ever as it plans to poke its unwanted snout into our affairs to a greater degree.

    During July there was news that the EU now wants the power to send foreign officials into Britain and other EU countries to investigate, spy on and monitor the citizens of those nations. Naturally, mindless pro-EU todies started twittering if you have nothing to fear, blah, blah, but this is one of the scariest EU moves yet, and it is already a pretty frightening place. The powers the EU wants to grab will allow its bureaucrats, police and officials to go into any EU country to undertake surveillance operations, demand and collect DNA and, as the press have pointed out, even to “pursue people for crimes which are not recognized in UK law – such as criminal defamation”.

    The Tory leadership has been making some strange whimpering sounds about this further assault on the independence, freedom and liberty of all British subjects by the EU, but their new found coalition chums in Nick Clegg’s pro-EU Liberal Democrat Party is in full support of allowing the EU to take this outrageous liberty.

    The thing all have to fear the most, and not only the fact that Britain is under constant attack by the EU as it creates its monstrous, undemocratic super-state, but also the very fact now that our two-tone Government has caved in regarding this, then those who are highly critical of the EU could soon find they are being monitored and watched by people from other countries, have their DNA taken and even arrested for the very act of speaking out against this further EU grab for total control. The people of the UK do have something to fear – it’s called the EU. So much for David Cameron’s promise not to hand more powers to the EU.

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    • I feel quite gloomy about our prospects this morning. This withering assault upon our nation combined with those of the apathetic camp may get the better of us. I feel so out of step.Surely, surely this is just plain wrong?

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