• The Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition: its true colour: MUSH


    The excellent and patriotic editor of the Eurorealist, Derek Bennett has, in the August edition, coined a new phrase for this current Con-Lib government – “Two Tone Government.”

    That got us thinking…. What sort of colour do you get when you mix Tory Blue and Lib-Dem Orange together. Well, we opened Microsoft Paint and have come up with the result above. Clearly this dirty mauve is a most apt colour for them! The British Gazette has come up with what we think is a suitable name for it: MUSH.

    Please copy the image (Mush.jpg) above and distribute it far and wide as the coalition’s proper colour. For webmasters, the hexadecimal code for the colour is: #A86E85

    Derek Bennett has kindly given us permission to reproduce the lead article of the Eurorealist as a British Gazette article.

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